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Hey, Luke, it’s me. I know I’m not supposed to be calling, but I am not doing really great right now, and - I was just wondering, if, do you remember in The Way We Were, how Katie and Hubbell broke up because his friends were joking and laughing, and the president had just died, and she yelled at them and he was mad and he was going out to Hollywood, and, I mean, which she hated, and he broke up with her and she was really upset. And she called him and asked him if he would come over and sit with her because he was her best friend and she needed her best friend, and he did. And they talked all night, and they went out to Hollywood, which was a disaster, but it was good at first. With the boat, and uh, putting the books away. I’ve seen this movie a lot, so if you don’t remember the putting the books away scene, don’t feel stupid or anything. I was just sitting here thinking about it, because I, um, I’m in my house, and I was just, uh . Could - please come over. I - please. Oh My God.

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    All-time favourite Gilmore Girls episode. “Say Something”.
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    Hey, Luke, it’s me. I know I’m not supposed to be calling, but I am not doing really great right now, and - I was just...
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    i loved this moment i cried
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    Ahhhhhhhhhhh I cry every time I watch this.
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